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Something We Say A Lot That Isn’t As Helpful As We May Think

By January 14, 2021 No Comments

It’s something a lot of us say to each other and to ourselves these days, but quite honestly, it’s not very helpful and it may shock your system to hear this.

It’s not especially helpful, it’s marginally helpful, when we say during tough times, “The Lord is still on the throne” or “The Lord is still in control.”

Now I’m not saying it’s not true. It’s definitely true and can be helpful as we try to deal with these macro-level, worldwide¬†issues to give a sense of peace. But if I’m hurting on personal level and dealing with a tragedy, the most comforting thing to be told may not be “The Lord is in control.” This isn’t because God isn’t in control, but because there’s an even deeper truth about who God is. It may be a little helpful to know that he’s in control, but it’s even more powerful to realize that he personally knows that suffering as he was on that cross.

There is no suffering that we go through that God can’t identify with. There was cosmic grief on the cross when he was literally separated from his father God for the first and only time in the history of his continued existence.

So know that you are not alone because the God that sits on throne is same the God that hung on that cross and knew suffering so that we could know true freedom.