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Speak To Yourself As If You Were Speaking To A Child

By November 23, 2020 No Comments

Self-Talk is something we all do, and for most of us, we can be pretty critical towards ourselves.

Doug has a challenge for you: With God’s grace, speak to yourself as if you were speaking to a child. I know this may sound strange or you may not think it wouldn’t be effective, but hear us out. Ask yourself the next time you hear that inner voice of yours, “This verbiage I’m using, would I say that to a kid? Would I say that to a kid I care about?”

The reason we bring this upĀ is that there are so many people that get derailed by their own inner critic. As Christians, the way we talk should be edifying and uplifting. So if you wouldn’t say something to someone you care deeply about, why would you say that thing to yourself? As God’s child, it’s just something to think about today!