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SPECIAL PODCAST: Wild Awakening, The Greg Matthews Story

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This is a special edition of Afternoons with Lauree – I don’t always have guests like Greg Matthews come in to share their surreal stories. You are about to hear the true life story how he was attacked by a Grizzly Bear on a hunting trip to Alaska!

His book just released Wild Awakening: How a Raging Grizzly Healed My Wounded Heart and it’s truly about that wounded heart that I found so stinkin relatable and relevant for you and me.

Our battle won’t be a grizzly bear but it could be cancer, divorce, or shame. And sadly we battles with an incorrect truth about God! and God wants us all to have an awakening to His truth

Maybe God has a Wild Awakening in store for you as you listen today!


ANIMAL PLANET – I WAS PREY | Attacked in Alaska

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