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Spiritual warfare

March 3, 2016

too complicated and don’t know anyone with the knowledge or spiritual gifts to pray for us . My family is in a spiritual crisis. My oldest son my husband and I have been trying to get our family going to church we found what seems to be exactly what each one of us needs sons girlfriend prevents him and their children from going . My son and his girlfriend need emotional physical and spiritual healing deliverance and the children the same thing . The girlfriend needs salvation they live together he wants to marry her but she doesn’t love him he doesn’t want to lose her and the children.. It appears that the children need physical khealing and spiritual deliverance. My youngest needs salvation. My husband and I need to make God and family the main focus of each day to learn how to do spiritual warfare for our family. and both need physical healing . My sons and. my sons family need Lots of prayer right now they have many problems .