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station switch

By November 28, 2020 No Comments

Good morning kcbi crew, Late last year, beginning of this year my favorite christian channel further up the dial was having broadcasting issues. while searching for another station I ran across your station in the middle of one of the many impactful sermons. From that day on I’ve kept it on this channel. The right mix of sermons and worship at the times I need it. Fast forward to this past month. I lost 3 family members all in one weekend. Mother (covid), Uncle on my wifes side (covid) and my aunt (fathers oldest sister (natural causes). During this challenging season especially close to the holidays your station seems to be playing the right sermons and songs and the right time. Telling me God is there with loving supporting arms and is in complete control. I know without us supporting your station you would not exist. But still want to say thank you for being there.