Praise Wall

Still Standing By God Grace

California girl move to TX w/husband 2010 he stop working, I worked as receptionist/administrative asst until I had a brain aneurysm burst 2011 I have 3 aneurysm 1 that burst was on the carotid artery.I was surcharging for something at the time going to church but not really getting it. I am on SSD had to learn to walk without walker, speak again I talk a little different, love live Christine music but crowds get my anxieties up. but I know God had his hand on me.I have grown closer to God by reading his word but I read like a 3rd grader now I am 53. Unfortunate due to other circumstance now divorces now he was a none believer & other things. But by Gods grace I am standing never alone with God by my side I still have challenges each day but with God I am standing

Blessed by Gods Grace