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Strange Bedfellows: Russian Athletes & Houston Astros

By January 15, 2020 No Comments

The Russians and the Houston Astros… they make strange bedfellows. But I think that there’s something here.

You know how big of an Olympics nerd I am, a fan girl to the max! I love the Olympics so much and I hate when something is compromised especially the purity of the competition and that’s exactly what Russia has done. So, this summer, they’re going to be banned from the Olympics altogether. You may be thinking, how does the Houston Astros baseball team compare to the Russians who were banned because of a doping scandal? Well, the Astros were recently called out and penalized for cheating, they were stealing signs from the catcher via video feed that gave them a competitive advantage. And this didn’t just lead them to a couple more wins. No, they ended winning the World Series!

In my opinion, I think there needs to be a bigger punishment for this! All that’s known right now is the GM and the Manager of the Astros have been fired and are no longer with the team. But what about every single player that took part in the sign-stealing? Shouldn’t there be a penalty that goes along with that? My suggestion: they should sit out this upcoming year without pay. There needs to be a penalty for their actions. This may seem harsh, but if you are benefitting because of the platform that you are given, it is your character that should go hand in hand with your performance. Would love to know how you feel!

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