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Strength in the mist of the strom

By April 21, 2017 No Comments

after my husband and I accepted Christ as our Savior we started listening to Christian Radio, 1st in Houston, Longview (Tyler station) and moving to DFW (1999) we found KCBI right away. We had our radio on KCBI all day long at home even if we weren’t thinking our dogs would enjoy the music. In the car we sang along and talked about the uplifting positive messages from singing as well as the loved of music that just filled our Spirit. I loved listening to Chuck Swindoll in the evening when I had time to absorb the teaching. My husband passed away suddenly and the first thing I heard when I went to the car was I can only Imagine by Mercy Me. My husband was in a wheelchair for 47 years so that song had special meaning, knowing that Dex was standing not sitting in Jesus presence. I was so thankful for the presence of the Lord when I was in the fog of overwhelming shock. KCBI got me through some very dark days I have it playing all the time for company. You are my family so I’m not alone