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Student loan freedom

I HAVE PAID 120,000 DOLLARS ON A 60,000 STUDENT LOAN AND THE GOVERNMENT WANTS ANOTHER 20,000. This happened because when I was not a believer the government made my payments too high when I did not have a job and forced me into default. They added 10,000 s of charges to my account. I have been unable to get married or by a house because of this debt. There are millions of people in the same position or worse. I have suffered non stop collection calls and illegal actions like collectors threatening me with force to take the money . The government does nothing about these illegal activities. I have been making payments for years but the government still won’t change my status from default. I tried having a second source of income but it just causes me to have higher taxes. Most countries do not have this kind of system and only require one percent of your income for repayment for up to ten years. This is not a car loan, vacation or credit card this is a student loan. help