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Superman Doll + Preemie Baby Remind Us the Value of Perspective

By October 27, 2020 No Comments

When we can stand back and gain perspective, often times we realize how far we’ve come!

Logan Ray certainly had a long way to go, he was born 1.5 pounds at only 23 weeks, smaller than a 12 inch superman doll. That may seem kind of random comparison, but that is the doll that Logan’s mom placed next to show how small and fragile her new son was. And it’s been that same Superman doll that she has continued to include in photos of Logan Ray. That little boy is another example of Superman, he is 4 years old, running around, tall, stronger and that superman reminds her of how far he has come.

I wonder what things you are working on these days and if you’ve been able to see how far you’ve come. When we are in the up close moments of those projects whether it be losing weight, learning new skills, cleaning out the garage…when we are in it, we don’t see the progress. But when we can step back and get perspective, we see just how much we’ve grown, excelled and been strengthened. So I wonder for you today what is the equivalent of a Superman doll that you can hold up to your own life take a step back and celebrate how far you’ve come?