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The 5 Words To Teach Your Kids When They Receive A Gift

By December 17, 2020 No Comments

Opening presents doesn’t take much thought. You just rip the paper, but it’s what happens after that may need a little practice with your kids.

Here in a week or so, your kiddos are going to be tearing into some presents and the hope is they’re going crazy for all of them, but maybe you’re a little nervous at how they may react if they open a present from someone that they didn’t ask for. A conversation you might consider having with your kids in the coming days isĀ “How we should respond when somebody gives us a gift?”

A mom I know passed along something to me and it consisted of 5 words. Here are the 5 words you can teach your kids about how to respond when they open a gift:

“Thank You For Your Thoughtfulness.”

It doesn’t matter the gift or who the gift is from. These 5 words are the perfect “thank you” for your kiddos to perfect this Christmas season.