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The Best Compliments To Give Your Husband

Marriage is one of the most difficult things that we can go through in our life, but it can also be one of the most worthwhile things we can invest in as a person if done right. That’s why we at KCBI wanted to take some time to focus on encouragement and specifically about how we can stand out in the mix to really showcase our appreciation for our husbands. Here are some ideas below!

1. Compliment His Attractiveness: Men love to know that their wife still finds them attractive and loves the way they look.

2. Compliment His Work Ethic: Something that is very deep to the core of a man is their work and their ability to provide for their family so showing appreciation for this aspect of their life really sticks out them.

3. Compliment His Skills As A Dad: Whether you’ve been a dad for 30 years or you’re just starting out, we all have moments of insecurity to sweep in and startle our confidence so having the assurance of your wife’s support as a parent really helps.

4. Compliment Him As A Spiritual Leader: Being the Spiritual leader in the household is certainly a role that God has placed on the man, but it also can bring a ton of pressure that men don’t often express to their spouse so make sure to take the time to let them know how proud you are of them. You have no idea how much that builds him up!

5. Compliment His Little Gestures: Whether it’s changing your oil or making sure that the lawn is always cut, there are a ton of things on both sides of the relationship that often go unnoticed. It’s time for husbands and wives to take the time to notice the small details and gestures that make way for a smooth relationship.

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