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The Best Compliments To Give Your Kids

It’s no secret that kids love to be complimented, especially by their parents. If you are a parent, you definitely understand how much weight it carries when you take the time to genuinely encourage your child. That’s why we decided to highlight the best compliments that you can give your kids!

1. I Believe In You. 

There is something very special about knowing that your parents are behind you when no one else is.

2. You Make Me Laugh.

This feeds your child’s self-esteem more than you’ll ever know because you are complimenting their very personality. It doesn’t get more personal than that!

3. You Make Memories Sweeter.

This is great because this doesn’t fall under the category of being just a generalized compliment with nothing specified. You are encouraging and valuing their very presence in your life.

However, when Don was still raising his kids, his dad said something that really impacted him to this very day and it was this:

“You Are A Great Dad & I Like The Way Your Kids Have Turned Out.”

Regardless of what we are going through, it’s important that we take the time to encourage our children and remind them of our love and appreciation for who they are. If you’d like to see the full list of 99 Compliments from iMom, you can click here!