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The Bible Is Not About You

The reason that we have might often have a hard time reading the Bible is because we are reading it the wrong way. In the clip below, Pastor Matt Chandler breaks down the misconception that the Bible is all about us instead of focusing on who the Bible is truly about: God.

The Bible is not primarily about you.

Now it will reference you, but this is not the Lord kind of stroking your hair, going, “Man, you are so amazing. I mean, I just want to talk about you all the time.”

That would be soul-crushing.

The Bible is about God because what we need most is to see Him behold His glory, get transfixed by it, and be led into the deep end of the pool. That’s how this works. That’s primary. That’s what we need. That’s what we were created for.

We call this salvation.

That the Holy Spirit opens up our heart to believe upon the person and work of Jesus Christ, reconciling us to God the Father, and allowing us to behold the magnitude of the grace and mercy of God, rescuing and ransoming sinners from death.

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