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The Deadly Ramifications Of Isolation

Did you know that chronic loneliness is as deadly as smoking five cigarettes a day? And also the number one reason for overcrowded emergency rooms? Pastor and author Max Lucado sits down with Rebecca Carrell and Liz Rodriguez on this week’s episode of the Honest Conversations podcast to discuss how Jesus can and does meet us in our loneliness and isolation. Max Lucado’s latest book is called, You are Never Alone.

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Struggling With Grief: An Interview with Max Lucado - Life Is Story

In just under two decades of writing, Max Lucado has accomplished more than most writers hope for in a lifetime. Most of his books have appeared on one or more bestseller lists, including those published by the “New York Times,” “USA Today,” “Publishers Weekly,” and the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA).

From all accounts, Max Lucado is not a man consumed by sales, awards, and achievements. He often turns down media interviews since they impede on family and ministry commitments. He spends the bulk of his week serving as senior minister at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. And he is truly surprised by his own success–more impressed by his one-in-a-million wife and three amazing daughters than by his successful writing career.

We Were Shame-Ridden”, NY Times Bestselling Author Max Lucado on Loneliness and Isolation – Hope 103.2

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