Mornings with Rebecca & Burns

The Decisions We Make Affect Everyone Around Us

Jeff was recently interviewed by a Norwegian newspaper where he talked about his struggles and brokenness throughout his journey which included his long battle with alcoholism. Larisa, Jeff’s wife joined him for the interview and once Jeff was done talking, the reporter said, “This must have been hard on you. How did this make you feel?”

To be honest, Jeff wasn’t ready for that as he heard how his actions affected those around him. Rebecca had a similar situation when she was dealing with anxiety several years back. Back in 2012, she decided to try to get off her medications with the permission of her doctor and it didn’t end well. It was through this situation that her husband Mike that reminded her that “your anxiety doesn’t just affect you.”

Ultimately, we need to understand that our decisions that we make don’t just affect us, they impact everyone around us.

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