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The DFW Shoe Drive Hits Different For Me

By July 21, 2022 No Comments

The next phase of our KCBI Summer of Service, The DFW Shoe Drive, is starting soon and I gotta be honest, this hits differently for me.

Our goal with the DFW Shoe drive is to make sure no child has to worry about what they’re going to have on their feet for the beginning of the school year and I understand this because I was one of those kids. Growing up in a single parent home in West Virginia, I know my mom did the best she could but we just didn’t have money for new shoes. I remember my¬†shoes had holes in the sole so I would put newspaper and cardboard in them to keep the bottom of my feet from getting torn up. I know how that feels.

But I thank God for bringing me from that to where I am today to encourage you to help children right here in DFW focus on just being kids.