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The ‘Digital Divide’ Is A Very Real Thing

By September 2, 2020 No Comments

While we may be complaining about having to wear masks or that our favorite restaurant isn’t open for dining in, there are children in America facing a bigger problem that is affecting their education.

Have you ever heard of the term Digital Divide? I hadn’t until today. Maybe you are aware of it and are facing that reality with the amount of virtual schooling that is taking place due to the Coronavirus. Honestly, before this morning, I thought “okay, kids are doing school fromĀ home. That must be tough on the parents having to manage that.” This is true, but where I made a big assumption is assuming that everyone has internet at home. So many don’t.

Here’s the reason I share this with you: When we know about issues in our community, we know how to serve a need. I believe we have people right here in the KCBI community that are solution finders. I hope we can find a way to serve our children and make education not a luxury, but a certainty.