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The Effect That COVID-19 Is Having On Seniors In High School

We are all living in a very uncertain time as places continue to close off to the public and panic surrounds us everywhere we go as people practice social distancing. However, one group of people that are really being hurt by the coronavirus is not just the victims of the virus, but seniors in high school.

For many of them, they are having to ask themselves, “Am I going to get to walk the stage?” and will be missing final experiences like Prom, Senior Baseball season, and AP testing. While high school seniors learn to cope with that reality, it has also been VERY hard on the parents who have waited their whole lives to watch their child graduate only to see the opportunity wiped before their very eyes. That’s why we decided to bring on Jessie Blu (Sundays on 90.9 KCBI – 4 pm – 6 pm) to share about her experience in dealing with this for her high school senior and what encouragement we can find in the midst of all of this.