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The Gospel Authors Say That If Jesus Was Anything, He Was This

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Rebecca is currently reading a book called “Dwell” which is a book written by Dr. Barry Jones who is a Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary as well as the Pastor of Irving Bible Church. This book reminds her of exactly why she loves constantly studying the Bible because it highlights the fact that the Old Testament points to Jesus the entire time and the New Testament points back to the Old Testament.

It’s really amazing because Jesus is exactly who the Old Testament said he would be but one thing you may not know was that the most popular term used to describe Jesus was compassion. That was the word that the Gospel authors used because Jesus never looked at unbelievers with scorn but rather he looked at them with compassion because they were like “lost sheep without a shepherd.” We need to remember that as we study God’s word because God looks at us with those same eyes of compassion.

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