Praise Wall

The Homeless Jesus the woman that heard the voice

This is a story about how I took care of my grandmother Mildred Jordan she was 96 years old I was living with my grandmother she had Alzheimer’s and she develop thyroid cancer and we come from a large family me and my mother Vanessa Isaac we’ll go to the nursing home and take her things to eat and thanks to cheer up I asked for prayer because I got on the ticket to work I had set out to buy my first home on the ticket to Work Program I develop debt using credit cards to pay for food and gas my mother warned me about it but I was disobedient and I had people around me that came forcefully around me to pull me out the will of God my rent was paid on time I’m behind 3 months on rent I wish God would do a miracle pay my credit card up and pay the unemployment office $10,000 fees they put on me I’m believing God to pardon my my mother has been sick she had to be the own disability and she works I’m believe in God for a financial miracle in my family my brother Jason Atkins is sick with dieb