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The Joy Of Special Needs Kids

When their daughter was born with a severe brain disorder, the doctor told Pastor Robin Steele and his wife that their newborn daughter would not live a meaningful life. Robin sits down with Rebecca Carrell and Liz Rodriguez to discuss what makes life meaningful and how their precious daughter Kennedy–who has severe special needs–has helped them discover the truth.

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Special Needs Parenting Blog for People MadeMeaningful

Robin Steele is the founder and lead pastor of PromiseLand Church in San Marcos, TX. Over the last sixteen years, they have gone from thirty people to a membership well over 2,000. PromiseLand is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational congregation that impacts people from all walks of life. Robin loves to teach, disciple, invest in pastors, hunt, fish, snow ski and ride his mountain bike (real fast) over crazy terrain!

In 2001, Robin and his wife, Erica, received the news that their newborn baby had a severe brain abnormality and would only live for six months or so. Their daughter, Kennady, just turned 18 years old and continues to defeat the odds. She lives with many disabilities and requires twenty-four-hour care. Robin speaks all over the world about the incredible life lessons they have learned along the way.

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Find Robin Steele’s book, How to be Made Whole: An Answer to the Whole Question” here!

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