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The Joys of Praise & Worship

September 13, 2016

Our God has been so exceptionally good to me and I would like to say that I owe him more than my life. Unfortunately my life is all that I have to offer – I am so thankful it is the most acceptable thing that I can present to him. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Since moving to TX, I have been longing for a Christian radio station that would minister to me thru song. I just learned about KCBI in July and have been truly blessed. I think I cry during most of your songs. They are full of complete worship to our God, while at the same time humbling and drawing me closer to Him. To top it off Liz Day’s laugh is so contagious. It is awesome and so lively! Kind of full of over-flowing, bubbly and abundant joy.

I thank you all so extremely much for allowing God to minister to our hearts through your testimonies, the songs you play and the sermons that are heard on your station.

Blessings to those at KCBI and to its listeners.

Love you in Christ