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The Moment I Learned God Was Everything

By July 30, 2020 No Comments

It’s probably a pretty distinct memory when you learned that God was everything.

For me, there was a summer when I was a kid that I remember my parents fighting all the time and that was pretty unfamiliar in our household. I would’ve never described my family as perfect, but it was always safe. But due to the fighting and yelling, there was this level of insecurity that was brand new. For the 2 people who introduced me to who Jesus was and modeled for me what it looked like to follow¬†after him to behave in a way that was so unrecognizable. It was a hard summer and maybe you can relate.

But I also remember being alone in my room looking for answers. So I opened up my bible and read how God would never leave us nor forsake us so that we could boldly proclaim “What can man do to me?” Through this, I felt like God gave me this word so that in times of uncertainty I could stand on a faith that was my own and not hinged upon my parents. God is our protector and our father and there’s nothing better than that truth.