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The Most Outdated Office Rules Ever

*This information was originally published by Sarah Crow at MSN*

From not knowing if you should offer your coworkers hugs rather than high-fives to worrying about what’s too casual for a Casual Friday, the world of office etiquette can feel like a minefield. However, as the work environment becomes less stuffy, some of those old-fashioned rules about manners on the job are flying out the window. In fact, they look laughably outdated by today’s standards.

1. Dear Sir or Dear Madam

Think starting your email with “proper” salutation—like “Dear Sir” or “Dear Miss”—is a surefire way to convey respect? Think again.

2. Not Displaying Photos Of Your Family On Your Desk

More and more companies are starting to realize that, in order to boost employee retention, they need to get to know their workers first. As a result, rules allowing little to no crossover between your personal and professional lives are becoming increasingly antiquated.

3. Waiting For A Woman To Extend Her Hand Before Offering Yours To Shake

While this rule was once common in workplaces, it’s now seen as outdated in the etiquette world.

4. Never Eating At Your Desk

Sure, few people relish the experience of sitting next to a coworker who’s consuming something pungent at their desk. But the idea that nobody should eat at their desk, ever, is pretty antiquated.

5. Remaining Seated When Being Introduced

That’s right: As silly as it may seem, women in the workplace were once expected to stay seated when being introduced. However, even if you once-upon-a-time abided by that rule, staying seated when meeting someone looks rude by today’s standards.

6. Never Using Casual Language In Emails

While it may not be a smart move to refer to your company’s CEO as “Man” or to toss swear words into chats with colleagues, more casual communication styles are becoming the norm, not the exception, in many workplaces.

7. Men Always Holding The Door For Women

As wild as it may sound today, having a woman hold the door for her male coworker was once considered quite the etiquette faux pas. Today, however, “with the modern day workplace shifting into a different atmosphere, it is acceptable for both men and women to hold doors for one another as a gesture of kindness.

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