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The Perfect Storm

November 13, 2014

Eleven years ago, our son was born with significant heart defects that would require a series of four open heart surgeries over the next three years of his life. The Lord threw us into the Storm for the first five years of his life but showed up every step of the way. Jesus taught us the power of prayer and leaning on friends during this very dark time in our life. Today it is our responsibility to remind our son, Andrew (which means ‘Strong’), about Jesus’ miracles and that the Storms in his life are perfected by the Savior of the world. No matter our struggle, Jesus fights for us and goes before us! Our job is to trust Him no matter how much the pain hurts and look for opportunities to comfort others. We have had the privilege of walking alongside other families to pray for them and encourage them. We all have broken hearts that need Jesus’ healing!