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The Story Behind Casting Crowns’ Latest Song, “Nobody”

Don’t you just love when a new song just grabs your heart because of it’s message? That’s what Casting Crowns’ new song does for me as we share with you the story behind their latest hit, “Nobody.”

“There was a day that came when John the Baptist could’ve had his moment to make a name for himself. Everyone came to him and said ‘Who are you? Tell us who you are so we can go tell everyone else.’ He says ‘I am just a voice out here in the wilderness.’ It sounds like a poetic statement but what he’s saying is just straight. I’m nobody. You don’t need to know me. I’ve got nothing for you. If you’re going to meet me and you’re going to leave, the thing that’s gonna last is going to be Jesus. Because he [John] knew I’m not the point. I’m here to point to the point [Jesus].” – Mark Hall (Casting Crowns)

Click on the video below to hear Mark Hall of Casting Crowns share the story!

If you’d like to hear the full song, you can watch the music video below!

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