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The Story Behind Matt Maher’s New Song, “Alive & Breathing”

By February 5, 2020 No Comments

KCBI Artist Matt Maher has released a brand new song called, “Alive & Breathing” off of his new album “Alive & Breathing Vol. 2” and here what is what he had to say about the story behind the song:

“You know, there are moments in life I think where you hit pause because you feel like you’re about to start a new season and you don’t know what’s next. Sometimes you get frozen and this song in some ways is a prayer that unfroze me. It was a reminder from God that if you still have breath in your lungs and you’re still on this side of heaven, then the best way to move forward is to praise God. Praise isn’t something that we do to avoid our problems. Praise is the way through our problems. The Hebrew word for praise has seven different definitions and I think it’s because the writer wanted Psalm 152 not just to mean one specific context, but it’s the culmination of every kind of praise or his praise in the valley. Praise on the mountaintop, praise in the great place, and praise in the hard place.”

If you’d like to listen to the song featuring Elle Limebear, you can watch the video below!