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The Story Behind Vertical Worship’s New Song, “Yes I Will”

We at KCBI love playing music that encourages you and gives you hope so we get really excited when new music comes out that packs a powerful message! Vertical Worship has a new song called “Yes I Will” and Pastor Luke MacDonald shares the message behind the song.

“Psalm 34 says ‘I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise will continually be in my mouth.’ If we’re being honest with ourselves if we’re being honest about reality most often for us when we’re in a difficult circumstance or unfortunate situation we have the same attitude as my little boys at home, especially my 5 year old. He’s in that phase right now where he says ‘I don’t want to.’ Sometimes our attitude is so similar to that when it comes to praise, especially when things are difficult, when things are hard. My heart doesn’t feel like God is so good right now my soul feels uncertain about so many of the promises I’ve read in the bible. When I reach to try and praise I can’t find anything because my emotion is blocking my volition. My brain is getting in the way of my heart. When that moment arrives we have to choose whether we’re in the valley or on the mountaintop where our sight is not so fixed, when we can’t really make out what’s happening up ahead. We have to reach down past our emotion, past our intellect and say I choose to praise.” – Vertical Worship

Listen to the full song below!