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The Story Behind Zach Williams New Song, “Rescue Story”

Southern rock band Zach Williams & The Reformation toured the world for five years, starting in 2007. However, the lifestyle of fronting a secular rock band was getting lead singer Zach Williams down. In 2012, Williams disbanded The Reformation after a conversion experience and he started to record Christian material as a solo artist. He recounts here how he was rescued by Christ from his soul-destroying rock ‘n’ roll existence.

This was what Zach had to say about this point in his life:

“On the outside, everyone thought I was completely happy but on the inside, I was a wreck and a miserable person,” explained Williams. “It wasn’t until I found Jesus when I was truly happy and able to enjoy the things in life that I’m now doing. Before I didn’t even enjoy playing music, I left every night with an empty hole. Now, I get to leave fulfilled every single night.”

Listen to him share the story behind his new song, “Rescue Story” below!

Listen to the full song here!