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The Story Of John Wesley & A Pesky Fly

If you don’t have a handheld bug zapper yet, you need to put that on your list of things to get a handheld bugs out. It looks like a tennis racket and when you press the button, it zaps the flies as it makes contact with them. I’ve never touched it but I’ve been warned that it hurts.

Here’s the thing though, this has become sort of like a sport for me and the kids at the house where we’re always fighting over the handheld bug zapper. But after this story, you might change your mind.

Do you know who John Wesley is? He is the founder of the Methodist denomination of the Christian church and he used to hold meetings in the city of Dublin, Ireland. One day, there was a man who came and he wanted to come and hear the music because He absolutely loved it. He came one morning with the idea that he would hold his hands over his ears so that he wouldn’t have to listen to the preaching. But then he would take his hands down when the singing started. So initially, everything was going great and they did the first few songs, but then came the time for Wesley to start preaching. Naturally, as this happened, he put his hands over his ears. However, there was a pesky fly that kept landing on his face over and over again on his cheek. It would also land on his forehead and his nose and what he would have to do is move his hands from his ears and shoo the fly away.

As he uncovered his ears at one point, the preacher John Wesley gave a solemn warning and this is what he said:

“God in His infinite mercy and love for lost souls speaks once. Yes, twice. Woe to those who close their ears against him.”

That’s what he heard. After hearing that, God’s word went straight to his heart. He believed that the Lord was talking to him through John Wesley and he heeded that warning. He started going to church regularly and became a believer in Jesus! So maybe I will think twice and maybe you will too, before we swat or zap those pesky flies. God may just be using them to accomplish His will!