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The Top 10 Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs

A lot of us have found ourselves in the position of working from home and while some have continued to work, others have been forced out of their jobs due to COVID-19 related layoffs or furloughs. With that being said, did you know there are certain jobs that not only have incredible pay, but they are also 100% remote (work from home)? Here are the top 10 that we have found!

1. Business Development Managers ($44,000–$122,000)

Business development managers find clients, make business plans, manage accounts, and increase revenue by meeting sales goals and maintaining business relationships.

2. Marketing Directors ($47,000-$149,000)

Marketing Directors lead marketing departments. They research and analyze trends to develop marketing plans and campaigns. Marketing director roles typically require a bachelor’s degree and marketing experience.

3. Senior Account Managers ($49,000–$110,000)

Account managers create and maintain customer relationships by handling client communications and understanding client needs, generating sales. The role typically requires at least 10 years of experience.

4. Technical Support Managers ($50,000-$119,000)

Technical support managers resolve technical issues and manage tech support employees. They are typically responsible for installing hardware and software and providing on-call support, as well as staying updated on the newest technologies.

5. Privacy Officers ($50,000-$138,000)

Privacy officers make sure companies are following privacy practices and procedures by auditing them, conducting risk assessments and reduction strategies, and handling any breaches or privacy issues. The role typically requires a degree in a technical field.

6. Cybersecurity Analysts ($51,000–$117,000)

Cybersecurity analysts protect a company’s computer networks and systems. They research IT information technology (IT) trends, look for security breaches, and plan for potential security issues. The position typically requires experience with IT work.

7. Medical Writers ($53,000-$103,000)

Medical writers write articles and documents that clearly present technical and scientific data. They typically work for biotech companies, pharmaceuticals, and universities to present information about a product or study to health officials. The job requires knowledge of medical terms and processes.

8. Product Managers ($54,000-$121,000)

Product managers lead product development by setting strategies and defining product features. They are responsible for guiding a product’s development from concept to completion based on their analysis of market conditions.

9. Finance Directors ($61,000–$161,000)

Finance directors oversee a company’s finance department. They assess finances and establish budgets and other financial strategies. Finance directors typically need a master’s degree in business administration, finance, or economics.

10. Art Directors ($66,000–$101,000)

Art directors come up with and present visual ideas for magazines, newspapers, websites, and product packaging. They also manage designers and other staff members that work on visuals. Art directors need a bachelor’s degree in art or a related field as well as previous work experience.

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