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The Top Highest Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A College Degree

*This article was originally published by Emma Newcombe at The Balance Careers*

Are you seeking a high paying job, but don’t want to invest in a four-year or graduate degree? You don’t need to have a college degree to get a good job. There is a new kind of job that emphasizes skills over education and work experience. “New collar jobs,” also known as “middle skill jobs,” are those that require certain hard skills, but do not necessarily require a four-year college degree (or an extensive work history). Often, employees can get the skills they need for the job through vocational training, a certificate program, an apprenticeship, or a two-year degree program.

These skill-based jobs can be found in a variety of industries. They are particularly common in healthcare, information technology (IT), and manufacturing. Hospitals, state governments, schools, manufacturers, IT companies, and other organizations have begun to search for employees with the right skills, rather than the right degree. Some companies even offer paid training programs for job candidates, which are similar to apprenticeships.

Here is a list of ten of the top new collar jobs. These are jobs that do not require a four-year degree, offer good salaries, and are in high demand.

  1. Computer Programmer ($84,280)
  2. Computer Security Analyst ($98,530)
  3. Computer Support Specialist ($53,470)
  4. Database Manager ($90,070)
  5. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer ($67,080)
  6. Tool-and-Die Maker ($44,950)
  7. Network and Computer Systems Administrator ($82,050)
  8. Pharmacy Technician ($32,700)
  9. Radiologic Technician ($61,240)
  10. Service Delivery Analyst ($54,448)

Below is a list of new collar jobs, including those described above. The list is organized by industry. Look through the list and see if there is a new collar job that is right for you.

New Collar Healthcare Jobs

  • Cardiovascular Technician
  • Cardiovascular Technologist
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  • Medical Records and Health Information Technician
  • Occupational Health/Safety Specialist
  • Occupational Therapy Aide
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Physical Therapy Aide
  • Radiologic Technician
  • Radiologic Technologists
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Surgical Technologist

New Collar IT jobs

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Security Analyst
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Computer Systems Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Architect
  • Database Administrators
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Support
  • Service Delivery Analyst
  • Server Technician
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Software Quality Assurance Tester
  • Systems Support
  • Technical Sales Assistant
  • Webmaster

New Collar Manufacturing Jobs

  • Blender/Mixer Operator
  • CAD Drafter
  • Chemical Operator
  • CNC Operator
  • CNC Programmer
  • Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operator
  • Electrical/Electronics Repairer
  • Electromechanical and Industrial Engineering Technician
  • Grinder/Sharpener
  • Machinist
  • Manufacturing Machine Operator
  • Manufacturing Production Technician
  • Molding/Casting Worker
  • Plant Operator
  • Printing Press Operator
  • Production Supervisor
  • Quality Control Inspector
  • Security Manager
  • Tool-and-Die Maker
  • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Water Treatment Specialist
  • Manufacturing Machine Operator
  • Manufacturing Production Technician
  • Press Brake Operator
  • Water Treatment Specialist
  • Welder/Solderer