Mornings with Rebecca & Burns

The Truth About Rejection

My inner circle is pretty small and it basically just includes my closest friends & family. Recently, someone in my inner circle is dealing with terrible rejection and I think what makes it almost more difficult is that it’s a dear friend. It’s a friendship that’s broken up and I have been so heavy-hearted over this. I know that rejection is a common human experience and when you go through it, you feel alone and you feel like you’re the only one. But everyone goes through rejection.

So I wanted to remind you of a few things about rejection that are true:

  • Rejection is confirmation that you possess an achievable dream.
  • Rejection reveals those incapable of distinguishing your personal worth.
  • Rejection is a guide leading you away from dead-end relationships while directing you toward healthy, positive relationships.
  • How you respond to rejection is a reflection of your self-worth.
  • Rejection exposes who or what does not belong in your future.
  • Rejection reveals who is intimidated by your potential.
  • Rejection is the motivation to go in a new direction.

“Rejection is powerless without your cooperation. If you don’t cooperate with rejection, it cannot get under your skin. Rejection is a friend who withholds no secrets, exposes all enemies, and closes every wrong door.” – Tracey Mitchell

Since I know you have dealt with rejection and perhaps it’s been very painful, I want to remind you that because God is fully sovereign. I want to remind you that rejection is a tool that your heavenly Father uses to sharpen you, strengthen your character, and make you more empathetic/compassionate. Your heavenly Father says you are selected, not rejected. When when the Creator of the Universe loves you as much as He does, remember, no matter who rejects you, He doesn’t. You are welcome in his arms anytime!

If you’d like to read the book that Rebecca was referencing on the air by her friend Tracey Mitchell, you can click here!