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The Weight Of Gold Is Expensive

By September 4, 2020 No Comments

I watched a great documentary last night “The Weight of Gold” about Olympic Athletes and for those that know me, you know how much I love the Olympics! But the subject of this documentary wasn’t to celebrate their accomplishments or highlight how incredibly athletic they are. No, this documentary was focusing on a subject that is pretty crucial to all of us right now: Mental Health.

All the athletes featured in the documentary share of the years and years of work they dedicated to succeed at the highest possible level of their sport but when the village closes and the glory has faded, they’re left with very little real-life experience and how empty life is. As a fan of the Olympics, I typically stand in awe of these athletes and just expect that they have their lives together when in reality, they’re fighting the same fight a lot of us are on a daily basis.

I was reminded that those friends of ours that look like they’ve got it all together need the support of friends just like you and more importantly, they need the reminder of the hope of Christ. The hope that we have in Christ is the steady confidence that every single promise God has made to us, he will fulfill.