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The World We Live In

By May 20, 2019 No Comments

I just want to take a second , and ask everyone to pray together. The news has been intense a lot of anger and anxiety in the air. From left to right , problems are getting harder and harder. Let us not fear but pray together. As more then one prayer god is present. I pray for the lord to bless every person requesting prayer. We all have trials , ups and downs. I feel this world getting harder to show compassion ,understanding and love . I been having a lot of dreams of the end of times. I feel it closer and closer each day. Please let us pray together. We only have Christ in each other. This is the only way out. Wether your at your deepest low or your the highest mountain look up. Only way is to look up. I pray for peace and strength . God bless everyone and prayers for everyone . We are all human. We all need the Lord. Amen.