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There Is Power In The Word “Yet”

By February 5, 2021 No Comments

I once saw a woman curled up in a corner in a ball of worry and anxiety. The solution? A 3 letter word that changed everything.

Years ago, I was going through an accreditation to become a coach, someone that helps people move from point A to point B in their lives. In these classes, they would ask for volunteers to sit in front of the class to help with demonstrations and one particular night this lady decided to volunteer with some very real urgency. Turns out, this woman was an empty-nesterĀ and her husband was quick becoming disabled, so there were some things she was wanting to work through. What she quickly learned was this wasn’t counseling and no one was going to be giving her answers to her problems. Instead, the instructor began asking her questions which led to series of “I don’t knows” each one more frantic then the last. You could physically see the anxiety setting in, not only in her voice, but in her overall demeanor. The instructor then stopped and asked the woman if he could make a suggestion of one change she could make, which to her response was an immediate “Absolutely!”

And his suggestion was this “Will you add ‘yet’ to the end of each one of those responses? I hear you answer with I don’t know, but I want you to say ‘I don’t know yet’.” In that moment, one small change that consists of a single word changed everything for this woman. You could see the fear start to melt away as she was becoming more and more convinced to that it’s okay not to know the answer yet.

For us, in our lives, we all have things that make us feel tense and stressed and we just don’t have the answers to solve those problems. But I think the beauty of having God in our lives is he is able to say to us “It’s okay not to know yet, but we’re going to walk this journey together and I know this road and when we get to where we’re going, you will too.”