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There was victory in the camp!!!

June 21, 2016

The answer to prayer request of 6/9th: There was victory in the camp at “The shout of El Shaddai,” just like Paul Wilbur’s song. It was 6/9th, & it took my son 4hrs from 1300-1700 of deliberation at the Family Deposition hearings. I was getting worried because I had not heard from him, but then, he called with a victorious ending. Praise the Lord!! The Lord moved in just like we asked Him to. He confused the enemy’s lawyers. To begin with, the enemy’s lawyer did not show up, but he sent his assistant who was not prepared, fumbling at the questions, he was nervous & sweaty, as if he were being threatened by somebody, my son said. My son had his own lawyers, & the Almighty God on his side; like in the case of Baalam, trying to curse Israel, God did not allow any curses on my son; there will be repercussions on the enemy’s pocket book. At the same time, the court filed $15K, sanctions against the enemy’s lawyer for using legal tricks in preying on innocent, vulnerable business men.