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There’s Tough Love In Parenting…And That’s Okay

By May 12, 2022 No Comments

I came across a post from a Mom on Facebook that I thought you might like to hear from. She says:

“Some folks have messaged me over the last few days to let me know that they saw my 13yo son walking up Main Street alone. 

#1 – I appreciate y’all reaching out, and I’m so lucky to have friends that will.

#2 – You didn’t see me, but I was there too. Hopping from parking lot to parking lot watching him. I knew my son was walking by himself through some rough & high traffic neighborhoods….

Because he forgot how to treat adults, I told him to walk. Because he mistakenly associated his size with his authority, I told him to walk. Because his behavior on the bus jeopardized the safety of the other children on that bus, I told him to walk. 

Until he can appreciate the free ride to/from school as well as respect & obey the man driving that bus, he’s not getting back on it. I’m the mom who is watching to know that he’s safe. But I’m also the mom who is not here to be his friend. I’m the mom who is okay with her child being angry at her sometimes. I’m the mom who is desperate to leave this world better than I found it, through the people I’m bringing into/up in it. A lot of parents are so afraid to hurt their kid’s feelings, but he’ll only be mad at me for a little while. I’m more afraid of my kid growing up to be rude, which isn’t usually a temporary description. We’re not here to be their friends, y’all. We’re here to make sure they grow up to become a friend worth having. 

So yeah… he was walking. Thinking. Reflecting. Maturing. Learning. Growing. 

And I’m watching.

 Signed, Hailey”