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These Are People’s Least Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

*This article was originally published by NBC WTHR 13*

Thanksgiving is a little over two weeks away and if you’re asked to bring a side to your meal, you might want to skip the green bean casserole.

Unless you like leftovers, then you should make as much green bean casserole as you want.

That’s because according to a new Harris Poll survey, one-fourth of people say green bean casserole is their least favorite Thanksgiving food.

In fact, we don’t even really like it, because most of those people say they only eat it for tradition’s sake.

But that’s not the No. 1 offender. That title goes to canned cranberry sauce. 29 percent of respondents don’t like it, and nearly half of those surveyed say it’s “disgusting.” 31 percent don’t even mash it up — they just plop it out of the can and serve it that way.

Sweet potatoes or sweet potato casserole is third at 22 percent, followed by Pumpkin Pie at 21 percent. Turkey, the Thanksgiving cornerstone, is fifth at 19 percent.

So what do you think? Is this list crazy or accurate?