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Things We Need To Stop Doing As Parents For Our Kids

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It’s not a bad thing for us to love and provide for our kids, but one thing we often forget is that we aren’t just raising kids, we’re raising people. They will eventually become future adults and if we do everything for them, we are depriving them of the opportunity to learn valuable life lessons. So how do we raise competent adults if we’re always doing everything for our kids? With all this being said, we need to stop doing these things if we want to raise future adults.

1. Waking Them Up In The Morning

If you are still waking little Johnny up in the mornings, it’s time to let an alarm clock do its job. There are days one will come racing out with only a few minutes to spare before they have to be out the door. The snooze button no longer feels luxurious when it’s caused you to miss breakfast.

2. Making  Their Breakfast & Packing Their Lunch

One friend asked, yeah but how do you know what they’re bringing for school lunch? I don’t. I know what food I have in my pantry and it’s on them to pack up what they feel is a good lunch. It will only be a few short years and I will have no idea what they are eating for any of their meals away at college. Free yourself away from the PB and J station now.

3. Filling Out Their Paperwork

Hold your teens accountable. They will need to fill out job and college applications soon and they need to know how to do that without your intervention.

4. Delivering Their Forgotten Items

Parents, don’t miss opportunities to provide natural consequences for your teens. Forget something? Feel the pain of that. Kids also get to see, that you can make it through the day without a mistake consuming you.

5. Making Their Failure To Plan Your Emergency

School projects do not get assigned the night before they are due. Therefore, I do not run out and pick up materials at the last minute to get a project finished. I do always keep poster boards and general materials on hand for the procrastinating child. But, other needed items, you may have to wait for. Do not race to Michaels for your kid who hasn’t taken time to plan.

6. Doing All Of Their Laundry

Every once in a while a child needs a healthy reminder that we do not work for them. The minute they assume that this is our main role in life is the minute that we gladly hand over the laundry task to them. Most days we might do the washing and the kids fold and put their clothes away, but they are capable of tackling the entire process when need be.

7. Emailing & Calling Their Teachers & Coaches

If your child has a problem with a teacher or coach, he is going to have to take it to the one in charge. There is no way that we, as parents, are going to question a coach or email a teacher about something that should be between the authority figure and our child.

8. Meddling In Their Academics

Put the pencil down parents. Most of the time, we honestly couldn’t tell you what our kids are doing for school work. We talk about projects and papers over dinner, but we’ve always had the expectation for our kids to own their work and grades. At times, they’ve earned Principals Lists, Honor Rolls and National Junior Honor Society honors on their own accord. At other times, they’ve missed the mark.

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