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This Awesome Texan Will Inspire You

By January 15, 2020 No Comments

I know getting older has its challenges, but the bible says that it literally is a blessing.

In Fort Worth, Mayor Price knows that, so she commemorated the entire day Tuesday to Mr. Fiske Hanley, on his 100th birthday! Yep, it’s “Fiske Hanley Day” in Cowtown.

Mr. Hanley hasn’t just lived a long time. He’s SURVIVED… and changed the world.

The World War II veteran survived his plane being shot down and spent six months as a prisoner of war in Japan.

He is characteristically humble: “I’m amazed that what I did in the war got me so much attention, because the good lord saved me 14 times when the Japanese were gonna get rid of me.”

You’re an inspiration to us all! Happy Fiske Hanley day, and happy 100th birthday!

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