This family celebrated Christmas in February! Here’s Why:

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“His whole body was in a paralytic state and was completely run by machines for six weeks,” his mother Janet Caine said. “When Ryan was in ICU, there were five other patients on ECMO [a life support system],  the same condition he was in. Ryan was the only survivor.”

Ryan Caine went to the hospital with flu-like symptoms on December 10. Soon after, he was diagnosed with pneumonia that went septic, his family said. Caine was placed in the intensive care unit where he stayed for nearly six weeks.

“One of the first things he asked [when he woke up] was, ‘Did I miss Christmas?’” his mother said. “I said, ‘No, Christmas can happen any time of the year and it’s waiting for you at home.”

Oh! By the way, they happen to live on “Christmas Card Lane”!  Click HERE to watch the clip from his local news station.