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This Weekend, I Listened To A Dead Man Talk To Me

By February 1, 2021 No Comments

This weekend, I listened to a dead man talk to me and I know just how strange that sounds but maybe many of us had a similar experience: going to a virtual funeral.

This weekend, I found myself sitting at my kitchen table all dressed up in front of my computer to celebrate the life of a long time friend. For the last 7 years, he had been battling cancer so to a certain extent, this day was expected. As apart of the funeral, he had made a video before he passed away and I just began thinking, what do you say when you’re staring down a camera knowing that people are watching the video because you’re gone? What is the one point that you want to share with your loved ones because you’ve gained the perspective of knowing you’re dying?

Here’s what he shared: “Don’t waste time. Whatever stops you in your life, the obstacles that are stopping you from giving your heart to God and living your life and pursuing him, stop wasting time.”

It’s such a gift to have those people speak love and truth into our lives and I want to encourage you with this. Don’t chase time, chase Jesus.