Praise Wall

‘Til the Blue

9/11 has so many negative impressions in our minds. For my daughter, it has a new, personal challenge; she filed for divorce today. Yes, it is deeply, deeply painful to us, her parents, as well. While we have strong opinions and desires for her, her husband, and two boys, we are simply trying to show love and understanding to each one. Much is yet to happen before anything is finalized.

With that as the setting, the praise for today relates to the programming this morning. I had arrived at work this morning, listening to KCBI. The gravity of the day was heavy as I thought about and prayed for my daughter. Just as I was parked and about to go into the office, the Steven Curtis Chapman song, ‘Til the Blue, came on. I wept at the message and its’ timing. I promptly found it on YouTube and texted it to my daughter. My wife shared, when I got home, that our daughter was as deeply affected as I was. It’s a glimpse of what God does every day through this media. Thank you and please pray.