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Tips On How To Survive While Working At Home With Your Spouse

With more and more people being required to work from home, spouses can initially see it as fun because of things like lunch dates, no commute, and later nights to spend with each other. However, after a while, it can feel like a strain on your relationship. Here are a few tips that can help if you are in a situation where you and your spouse are working at home together.

  1. Acknowledge The Shift: Take a minute to acknowledge the challenges that you might face and figure out a routine.
  2. Have A Morning Scrum (Overview Conversation): Take a few minutes each morning to evaluate the prior day and review today’s schedule.
  3. Have A Designated “Do Not Disturb” Place: There’s nothing worse than being disrupted when you are on a roll with a project or have to really focus to meet a deadline.
  4. Don’t Treat Your Spouse Like A Co-Worker: You are likely already sharing added domestic and childcare duties, don’t add work burdens on top of all that (plus, it’s good to continue to stay in touch with your colleagues).
  5. Have A Code Word (Something That Suggests You Need A Break): It can be an inside joke or a code word to be able to signal, ‘I’ve had it, I can’t even speak I am just about to burst.’
  6. Blame “Frank” (Or Some Other Imaginary Character To Break The Tension): We could all use a scapegoat these days. So why not create an imaginary one to avoid pointing fingers? It breaks the tension during this time.

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