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To God be the glory!

December 2, 2016

Glory be to God!!!!!!!! I prayed for a better job with more pay and God gave it to me! I requested prayer after losing my job and completely emptying my bank account on bills food and gas. I didn’t know who to turn to. The bills are stacking up on me. My mom my sister and my girlfriend had just about gave up on me, they’ve helped me so much and I gave up on God. I had stopped praying completely. After requesting prayer here on KCBI, it wasn’t a week before jobs just began calling and today 12-02-16. I worked my first day on my new job and and it blew my mind that my new boss was jamming hard to KCBI early this morning!!! I was shocked and I knew that it was nothing and nobody but God! Thank you for your prayers! Please. Please. Please!  Keep praying for me thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With God all things are possible. Be encouraged! Thank you.