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Top 14 Things Rude People do at Christmas Parties

By November 29, 2017 No Comments

I would say that most of us are 80% covered from this last…but the 20% risk of being rude has me checking out this list and checking twice my behaviors.  So here’s a big DON’T list for the Christmas parties this season:

  1. Ignoring the Invitation
  2. Showing up with the Sniffles
  3. Arriving Early
  4. Bringing Something that Requires Prep
  5. Roaming through the house
  6. Hogging the host
  7. Double Dipping
  8. Packing a Doggie Bag
  9. Staring at your phone all night
  10. Being a critic, of the music the food, the guest list
  11. Sitting on your butt all night
  12. Using Poor Social Media Judgement
  13. Stirring up a controversial or political conversation
  14. Not Saying Goodbye

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