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Top 5 Ways To Move On After A Breakup

Breakups are emotionally difficult no matter which side you’re on. If you ended the relationship, it’s normal to deal with guilt and regret over hurting someone else. If you were the one broken up with, insecurity, depression and anger are equally natural responses.

In either case, God’s will is for this season to strengthen you for the road ahead. You can come out of this difficult time full of hope and inspiration for the future! But to do so, you must learn how to give yourself fully to the present. You must move on from your past relationship. Here are a few ways to do just that:

1. Acceptance.

The first step toward moving on is accepting your circumstances. Remind yourself that you deserve love, not tolerance. You deserve to be in love, not to settle for someone just to have someone.

2. Grieve.

Regardless of who did the breaking up, you are suffering a loss.

3. Commit to yourself for a while.

Chances are you’ve spent a lot of time trying to make something work that wasn’t going to work. Take that energy and take a class, join a book club, join a Bible study, join the gym, and find things that are life-giving to you.

4. Discover your new non-negotiables and commit to them. Here’s an example:

  • I will not date someone who is not pursuing Christ.
  • I will not date someone who doesn’t support my passions.
  • I will not date someone who doesn’t want to get married and have children.

5. Don’t rush into the next relationship.

The loneliest place you can be is in the wrong relationship.