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Trust Me ~ I’ve Got You!!

By September 20, 2018 No Comments

I have been a listener since the 90s… KCBI just became my go-to, I was blessed, challenged, encouraged… and listened until we moved in 2007 back to Arizona. My husband passed away while we were in AZ, and the Lord brought me back here in 2013 after he passed away. I had prayed just before he died, “Lord what do you have for me now? I’ve never been on my own.” And the message He gave was, “Trust me, and I’ll bring across your path what I have for you.”

So I started this new journey back here and stepped back into KCBI. I came back and started giving monthly. I had never lived by myself, the house was quiet, and I’m a people person, so I turned the radio on in every room in the house so I could hear KCBI and let them talk to me. I listened to the music and talked back to messages, I talked to God and was so blessed. In 2015 I found out that there was a possibility that I had cancer. Somewhere in July of 2015 I had a scan and that morning I went in at 6:30, the Lord woke me up with a song playing in my head – “ Oh how I love Jesus.” It did not stop playing until I got back in my car to leave the doctor’s office at 10:30. It played while I was in the tube, during the scan. I got in the car and it stopped. And of course the radio came on, it was KCBI. And I said, “Lord, what does that mean?” And He said, “I loved you first.” So then I’m running some errands and I stop in front a little consignment store, turn the car off, walk into this little store and see that it wasn’t what I thought it was. I got back in the car, turned it on, and the radio was on, KCBI. And it says this is Betty from Euless. And you all played my message that I had sent you the year before, right after I had come back. “God said, ‘trust me, and I’ll bring across your path what I have for you.’” It was as if God filled my car with peace. “Keep your eyes on me, and whatever you hear, I’ve got you covered.” and I sat there and cried, and it was as if God just wrapped me up.

When I found out the results of the scan, I told the doctor what happened, and she said, “I think you’re ready to hear the results. You have cancer.” And it was as if God’s words came back to me – “I told you, I have you covered, and nothing is going to touch you.” I say that to you all: KCBI has been my family when I was a widow, when I walked through a difficult marriage, and KCBI has been my family as I walked through cancer. The doctor had never seen a patient as level as calm as me, and if you experience God like I experience him you would be too. I believe that cancer was part of the journey to heal my family, and I’m happy to say that I’m now cancer-free. KCBI has in the past and to this day been a go-to to bless me in these hard times.